Espoir Shower
Hello there. You can call me Bekuki. Once upon a time I ruined the Precure fandom, or so I've been told. I wish I'd been there to see it.

I blog a lot about magical girls and Accelerator. I'd blog about magical girl Accelerator if that existed too probably. Precure and Sailor Moon are my lifeblood.

I like rad ladies and shitbaby boys. I don't tag spoilers. Sometimes I liveblog anime, although it's mostly Precure.

Surrender your sweets to me.


Anonymous: I have a thing for anime idols, and magical girls. And IraRikka will forever be important in my life.

tumblr user akariozora probably

Anonymous: it sure is french here



the living embodiment of the Precure fandom is that you

Yes it’s me

I’m so glad you have graced me with your presence

Anonymous: a young nerd that added you on skype but never talks

is that you Aki

Anonymous: im a cool egg i dont meme ive never memed in my life i dont even know what a meme is



is this pyon

is it krystal

is it inna

why are so many of my friends eggs, I think I made a wrong choice in my life

that me

*cowboy voice* this town aint big enough fer this many eggs ://

all three of you need to go into the pit and fight this out

Last Order being a fan of magical girl shows.

Last Order falling in love with Precure and dancing along to the ED every single week. Now the entire Misaka Network knows how to dance to various Precure EDs.

Every member of her family learning the lyrics to the OP and EDs by heart and can belt them out on command. Even Accelerator and especially Accelerator.

The family watching magical girl anime with Last Order. It’s a very emotional episode this week and many tears are shed.

Last Order making Accelerator and WORST cosplay with her as Precure characters for Halloween. Incidentally they all look fantastic. Yoshikawa goes with them and just wears giant mascot pajamas. It’s comfortable.

Anonymous: I'm not trash

Now see that could be any of my friends because they are all decidedly not trash.

Unless they are literally a sentient, internet using pile of garbage in which case I’m very impressed.


I was not aware of Inna’s status in Egg hierarchy thank you for informing me

i wasn’t even aware there was an egg hierarchy

Anonymous: i hate it when people are laughing and having fun

get the fuck out of her Dorodoron

Anonymous: im TOPPU AIDORU and aa gohan wa oishii na

okay this one’s Krystal