Espoir Shower
Hello there. You can call me Bekuki. Once upon a time I ruined the Precure fandom, or so I've been told. I wish I'd been there to see it.

I blog a lot about magical girls and Accelerator. I'd blog about magical girl Accelerator if that existed too probably. Precure and Sailor Moon are my lifeblood.

I like rad ladies and shitbaby boys. I don't tag spoilers. Sometimes I liveblog anime, although it's mostly Precure.

Surrender your sweets to me.


What if Sailor Moon were a traditional ballet…

megumiaino: pretty shitbabies and perfection


next episode: the Hachapre Cures learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of gambling

I do like that this episode doesn’t end with the Happiness Charge Precure saving Hawaii for the Aloha Precure

I really love Fortune’s pose here

man I like Cherry Flamenco a lot but when are we going to see Lollipop Hip Hop again

so I’m pretty sure cure lovely just broke the sound barrier

why are they dressed so lightly if their home has been turned into a frozen wasteland tbh